"We need to remember across generations that there is as much to learn as there is to teach."

Gloria Steinem

• 20% Sibling Discount
Non-refundable Deposit: half of one month's tuition; will be applied to the first month's invoice
One-Time Materials fee due on or before September 1st: Five days per week: $100; Four days per week: $80; Three days per week: $60; Two days per week: $40
Monthly Tuition is due on the first of every month

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2024 Tuition & Fees

From Student's Parents

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We provide a unique experience by bringing generations together. Seniors and children will be able to interact on a daily basis through play, music, art, and more.  

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AM Preschool (8:30-11:30): $704/month
PM Preschool (12:30-3:30): $704/month
All Day Preschool (8:30-3:30): $1,034/month

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Scholarships will be awarded annually and are subject to available funding. Applications are due on or before July 1st. Contact kindnesscreators@gmail.com for information about possible need-based scholarships.

AM Preschool (8:30-11:30): $429/month
PM Preschool (12:30-3:30): $429/month
All Day Preschool (8:30-3:30): $624/month

Five days per week

Three days per week

two days per week

AM Preschool (8:30-11:30): $302/month
PM Preschool (12:30-3:30): $302/month
All Day Preschool (8:30-3:30): $450/month

5 Days Per Week: $154/month
4 Days Per Week: $128/month
3 Days Per Week: $104/month
2 Days Per Week: $77/month

5 Days Per Week: $308/month
4 Days Per Week: $297/month
3 Days Per Week: $195/month
2 Days Per Week: $140/month

early bird/before care: (7:30-8:30 am):

Extended care: (3:30-6:00 PM):

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AM Preschool (8:30-11:30): $553/month
PM Preschool (12:30-3:30): $553/month
All Day Preschool (8:30-3:30): $808/month

FOUR days per week

$5 Per Day

Lunch Buddies: (11:30 AM-12:30 pm)

-Nan & Bob W

"We were so fortunate to have Jaime and Pam as our boys’ preschool teachers. Their program was an excellent balance of free play, exercise, social learning and academics. We were impressed with their creativity, innovation, and most importantly love for the children they teach. Our children were well prepared both academically and socially to succeed in kindergarten." 

-Zach L.

"Jaime and Pam have known & taken care of both our kids since they were infants. It’s easy to see at pick up / drop off that it’s a loving environment where all the kids have a good time. Knowing that the kids are learning too is a little harder to observe but becomes apparent when my son started asking what street signs said because he was recognizing letters or when my daughter corrected me that “the birds aren’t singing, they’re tweeting.” It’s those moments that I couldn’t have asked for more for my kids preschool."

-Jill W.

"My son has grown leaps and bounds from sending him to preschool with Jaime and Pam. He started as a young 3 and continues to improve on his speech, has made friends, knows his letters, and so much more. He loves senior citizens more than anything, which makes an intergenerational program a win for our family."

-Liz M.

"You could not ask for two more qualified, genuine and nurturing teachers like Jaime & Pam. Our son has flourished beyond all of our expectations under their care and tutelage. We look forward to the next two years with them at
Kindness Creators."

-Caroline N.

 "I honestly do not know where my family would be without Ms. Jaime and Ms. Pam! They laid an important academic foundation by making learning fun, engaging, and hand-on for my kids. Even more importantly, they loved and understood my kids and they helped me raise them right!"

-Binky S.

"Jaime and Pam truly create a loving, nurturing and respectful environment for children to learn and grow in. I've watched my shy little girl blossom in the 2 years she's spent with them!"

-Kendra s.

"As an educator and parent, I can tell you, my husband and I are so very pleased with Jaime and Pam's methods of teaching. We are truly delighted with how our children are embraced, nurtured, and supported by them. Our children are excited to go to school and learn new things each day. Both of our children have excelled personally and academically."

Adrienne F.

"What I love about Jaime and Pam most is their genuine love and concern for each child. They love the kids, "no matter what". They hugged my kids as if their own. I love their family mentality of the classroom. Jaime and Pam were such a big impact on our kids. Our kids adore them, as do I!"

Barbara R.

I have had the pleasure to have my daughters attend preschool with Pam and Jaime for a total of 4 years now. I have found them to be compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable, and responsive to each individual child's needs. My oldest is in 2nd grade now, and she entered kindergarten prepared both socially and academically. She excels in school and loves it. I truly believe her love of learning was planted and nurtured under Pam and Jamie. We are thrilled to have our daughter attend Kindness Creators in the fall.

-Adela (age 8)

"Pam and Jaime are the nicest and best teachers. They really care for their students. They teach the children through playing, which I think is a great way to learn."

From Student's Parents

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